Video Tutorial #

In this video, we will show you how to connect FB Automate with Facebook Profile. Please remember, you have to be the owner of Facebook Pages, Facebook Group and Instagram before you can manage the account.

After login to FB Automate, go to Facebook & Instagram section and choose Import Social Media.

  1. Click Add New Facebook Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Facebook login page. – Please log in using your Facebook profile
  3. Choose to show all posting and content from FB Automate for the public, friends, only you or custom. Choose PUBLIC as recommended.

Connect with Instagram #

After successfully importing all your Facebook pages, you have to do it again for your Instagram account. Make sure Instagram account has been linked with your Facebook Business account.

  1. Click Add Instagram Account and connect to Facebook
  2. Choose which account will be display in your FB Automate

After successful import, but you not see the Instagram account, please log out and log in back.

Connect with Facebook Group #

Click Add a Group button, continue with Facebook. Please log out and log in back if you do not see the account after import.

To use post randomizer for Facebook group, you have to install our Facebook app – Marketing Master.

  1. Go to your Facebook group, select Setting
  2. Under Manage Advanced Setting, you will see APPS.
  3. Click pencil, and click add apps.
  4. In the group apps search, type – Marketing Master
  5. You have to do each FB group manually.