FB Automate allows you to list your products in categories for selling on your ecommerce shop. You can quickly add products to categories using the intuitive UI.

Adding Products #

Once you have defined categories, you can start listing your products under them.

To add products, perform the following steps.

  1. On the home page, click My Shop > Products.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the Products button on your ECommerce dashboard.
  3. Click Add New Product. The Create Product page is displayed with  Define Product Information area on the left. The right side of the screen displays a preview of your product page. It is auto-populated as you add information to the fields on the left.

Here, enter details as:

Product NameProvide product name
Enable Variable Type Product?Select this option to define multiple variants of your product, such as different colors, sizes, quantities, etc.
Enter Attribute Name
Provide the name of your product variant. For example, if you have defined a juice, you can use this to define the different sizes of the juice.NOTE: This field is displayed only if you have selected the Variable type option. 
Upload Variant ImageUpload an image of the product variant
Upload Product ImageUpload the Product image. This image will be displayed in your product image gallery also.
On Sale?Select this option if the product if there is a discount on the product.
Original PriceEnter the price of the product.
Sales PriceEnter the revised price of the product after the sale. 
NOTE: This field is displayed only if you have enabled the On Sale option.
StocksEnter the number of items for the product available in your inventory.
CategoryYou can add a new category or edit an existing category too.
Enter Product Description BelowUse this area to describe your product in detail.
Is Taxable?Select this option if any tax is applicable to the product.
Display Stock?Enable this option if you want your customers to see the number of units available for the product.
Prevent Purchase On Zero Stocks?Select this option if you want to prevent your customers from placing an order when the stock is over.
Shipping TypeYou can add a new Shipping method or edit an existing method too.
Select Subscriber Label After Successful Purchase Of This Product:
Here, you can define a label, that will be automatically applied to the customers who place orders for this product.
 Note: The label/tag will only be applied if your customer successfully created an order INSIDE MESSENGER.
Your Product Image GalleryIf needed, upload additional images for your product.

In the following example, we have added 2 variants for our product. The right panel displays how it will be shown to the customers.

Editing/Deleting Products #

You can edit or delete products using the corresponding icons in the Actions column, as shown in the following figure.

Sharing Product URL #

When you create a product in MMIO, you get a Product URL, that you can directly share with your customers to browse.

Use the Sharing and Viewing icons on the ECommerce Dashboard to share or view your products.