FB Automate enables you to define the shipping rules and rates for your stores. Using the Shipping feature, you can define the prices, regions, and time windows for shipping products. 

Creating Shipping Method #

On the Home page, click My Shops > Shipping.

  1. From the Select Your Store list, select the name of the store for which you want to create the shipping method.
  2. Click Add New Shipping.
  3. On the Create Shipping dialog box, enter details as:
Shipping Method NameEnter a name for the method.
Set Shipping CostSet the shipping cost to be charged.
Charge Shipping Per Item or Charge Per CartSelect whether the shipping will be charged per item or per cart.
(Optional) Set Target Shipping LocationSelect the shipping area covered under the method.
For example, you may want to cover your neighborhood for a quick 1 or 2-hour delivery. Or cover the whole state for 2-day delivery

4. Click Submit.

The shipping method is added to the list and is available to the customers while placing orders.

Editing/Deleting Shipping Method #

You can edit or delete the shipping methods using the corresponding icons in the Actions column, as shown in the following figure.